Advice From Cannabis Insiders in California

Cannabis distributors play a crucial role in the supply chain, working with cultivators, manufacturers, and dispensaries. Their experience and insights into the industry help ensure legal compliance and facilitate the distribution of cannabis products. Rukli Distribution has prepared this advice from cannabis distributors. We are proud to partner with cannabis companies in California and offer ongoing education to all. For cultivators and manufacturers, partnering with a reliable distributor eliminates the need for an in-house sales team or distribution network. In some jurisdictions, like California, distributors are legally required because cultivators cannot directly sell to retailers. Learn more about cannabis distributors and get in touch with us today.

Advice for Cannabis Cultivators

Distributors act as gatekeepers to the retail channel, ensuring that the brands and products they distribute comply with regulations such as testing and packaging requirements. They collaborate with brands to modify labels or packaging if necessary and coordinate Certificate of Analysis (CoA) testing through laboratories. If a product fails microbial or pesticide testing, distributors work with cultivators and manufacturers to file remediation plans with the state. They also verify the permits and licenses of vendors and retailers they work with to avoid penalties. Dakota Sullivan, the co-founder and CEO of California’s Calyx Brands, emphasizes some advice for cultivators based on their experience in the supply chain:

  1. Grow what retailers and customers want: Cultivators should consider the strains that retailers and customers prefer. While growers may be inclined to experiment with new strains or genetics, dispensaries prefer consistency and reliability in the strains they offer to customers. Cultivators should focus on supplying the strains that have proven to be popular and in demand.
  2. Thoroughly vet distributors: When selecting a distributor, cultivators should evaluate their strengths, weaknesses, pricing, services, and flexibility. Distributors vary in their capabilities and areas of expertise, so it’s essential to find distributors whose strengths complement each other. Exclusivity may be a consideration, but cultivators should avoid distributors that demand exclusivity and instead explore partnerships with distributors in different regions.
  3. Allow distributors and retailers to help build your brand: Cultivators should view distributors not only as a means of distribution but also as partners in brand building. Establishing relationships with distributors and retailers allows cultivators to gather data, analyze market trends, and make informed decisions about packaging, pricing, and promotion. Cultivators should treat their flower like any other consumer product and collaborate with distributors to develop brand strategies.
  4. Conduct R&D testing: To ensure accurate labeling and compliance with testing requirements, growers should conduct their own research and development (R&D) testing. By testing their products before distribution, cultivators can verify the potency and quality of their flower. It’s crucial to identify any traces of pesticides or contaminants that could lead to failed testing and the potential destruction of the crop.

The Role of Cannabis Distributors in California

In California, cannabis distributors play a vital role in the state’s thriving cannabis industry. As the largest legal cannabis market in the United States, California relies on a robust network of distributors to facilitate the movement of cannabis products from cultivators and manufacturers to retail establishments and consumers. These distributors are responsible for ensuring compliance with state regulations, including testing, packaging, labeling, and tracking of cannabis products. They serve as a crucial link in the supply chain, guaranteeing that products meet quality standards and are safely transported. By efficiently connecting producers with retailers, cannabis distributors contribute to the accessibility and availability of a diverse range of cannabis products for consumers throughout the Golden State.

Comprehensive Cannabis Services in California

By following these recommendations, cultivators can optimize their relationship with distributors, meet market demands, and build strong and successful cannabis brands. Cannabis distributors in California have a lot of competition and need every edge they can get. Rukli Distribution works with cannabis cultivators in California, offering advice and assistance with the cannabis supply chain in many forms, including pick and pack services, inventory planning, order fulfillment, warehouse services, and more. Contact us today to get started.