Answering FAQs About Cannabis Distribution in California

Storage, Packaging, and Order Fulfillment Made Simple

RUKLI Distribution helps California’s cannabis growers, cultivators, and brands with cannabis distribution, from pick-and-pack services to last-mile transportation. As a skilled cultivator of high-quality cannabinoid products, we know you have a lot to manage in-house. Let us help you store, pack, and deliver your products while you focus on your product. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our logistical solutions designed specifically for cannabis products.

What Services Does RUKLI Distribution Offer?2023-05-22T15:43:28+00:00

Our team specializes in all the logistics, from packaging to the final delivery to your customer or dispensary. Our business-to-business delivery and painstaking warehouse management services ensure are always up to code and meet all regulations required in the state of California. Our services include:

Is RUKLI Distribution a Cultivator?2023-05-22T15:43:53+00:00

No. RUKLI Distribution is strictly a cannabis distribution company. We are not cultivators, growers, or sellers of cannabis products ourselves. We will never have competing brands of our own because we focus solely on providing the best logistical solutions for cannabis companies.

Where Does RUKLI Distribution Deliver?2023-05-22T15:45:09+00:00

Our cannabis distribution services can serve nearly any company in the state of California. We currently serve more than 1,000 dispensaries in the state, which has gained us a reputation for reliability and consistency. We use a secure fleet of unmarked vans to ensure that your orders are fulfilled safely and on time.

How Many Distribution Centers Do You Have?2023-05-22T15:44:47+00:00

RUKLI Distribution has two large warehouses and distribution centers: one in Northern California and one in Southern California. Our southern California facility is more than 32,000 sq. ft., making it the largest cannabis warehouse in the southern half of the state. When your products are in our warehouses and distribution centers, we take full responsibility for their safety.

What Are Pick-and-Pack Services?2023-05-22T15:46:11+00:00

Our pick-and-pack services involve everything necessary to get an order ready for fulfillment. That includes picking the products from our warehouse floor, efficiently packaging them, and preparing them for shipment. We know how to store and package cannabis products to keep them in perfect condition.

Do You Perform Product Collections?2023-05-09T19:49:06+00:00

Yes! RUKLI Distribution is proud to be one of the only cannabis distribution companies in the state to offer collection services. Instead of forcing you to arrange for the transportation of your products to our facility, we offer collection services that will move your products to our distribution centers.

What Does Order Fulfillment Include?2023-05-22T15:46:47+00:00

Order fulfillment is everything from receiving orders to delivering products to their final destination. We have developed highly-organized cannabis order fulfillment practices. That includes receipt of the invoice, location of the packaged goods, and expedient delivery.

Can RUKLI Distribution Conduct Cannabis Testing?2023-05-09T19:52:15+00:00

California’s Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) regulations stipulate that each batch of cannabis products must be tested prior to sale. The logistics behind this can dampen the effectiveness of your growing, cultivation, and production, but it doesn’t have to. RUKLI Distribution offers reliable testing services for cannabis products to alleviate this regulatory burden.

Does RUKLI Distribution Perform Inventory Management?2023-05-09T19:52:30+00:00

We do perform inventory management for cannabis products. We manage the receipt, storage, and outflow of all your products. We use state-of-the-art inventory management programs that offer 24/7 tracking of all products. This ensures that we always know where all your products are and can organize shipping to get the freshest products to their retail facilities.

How Does RUKLI Distribution Make Order Fulfilment So Quick?2023-05-09T19:52:46+00:00

We are known for having some of the quickest stocking and order fulfillment. We use proven protocols for stocking products no later than the day after they are received. We also use sophisticated technology to expedite orders without overinflating the shipping costs.

What Brands Do You Work With?2023-05-09T19:53:02+00:00

Our team works with dozens of popular cannabis brands around the state, from heavy hitters like Tyson 2.0 to hand-crafted artisans like Space Gem. We have partners that specialize in flower and partners that exclusively cook up edible products. Our comprehensive experience with cannabis distribution makes us perfectly positioned to service all cannabis brands.

How Do I Meet With a Cannabis Distribution Specialist?2023-05-09T19:53:21+00:00

We hope this has helped you understand what RUKLI Distribution can do for you and your cannabis products. Do not hesitate to contact us with any specific questions regarding our services. We have friendly and knowledgeable specialists who can walk you through the entire process. Schedule a meeting with a cannabis storage and distribution specialist today!

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