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Proudly at the Forefront of California’s Cannabis Fulfillment

RUKLI Distribution is proud to be at the forefront of California’s cannabis fulfillment and distribution. We’ve been part of the industry since its infancy, setting the bar high with our exceptional service and commitment to our customers’ satisfaction. Over 1,000 dispensaries across the state rely on us to get their cannabis products to the market safely and efficiently. With extensive distribution operations in Northern, Central and Southern California, we provide everything from pick and pack services and order fulfillment to compliance testing and inventory management. Learn more about our many trusted services when you contact our NorCal cannabis warehouse.

Comprehensive Services Offered at Our NorCal Fulfillment Center

Our full-service NorCal fulfillment center is an industry leader in moving cannabis products across California. We’re licensed and experienced to provide any of the following services to your business:

  • Pick and Pack Services – You might say our pick and pack services are our bread and butter. We pride ourselves on picking, packing, and shipping cannabis products accurately and securely. Our quick turnaround times, fully vetted drivers, and reliable fleet of vehicles ensure your products get to where they need to go on time. We’ve got cannabis distribution down to a science, thanks to our vast distribution network. When you need to get cannabis products to market cost-effectively, we’ve got you covered with our exceptional pick and pack services.
  • Inventory Planning – As your business expands, you must monitor your inventory to ensure you have enough products in stock. Our cannabis distribution experts can assist with inventory management and planning, helping you predict when your stock levels will be exhausted. We use state-of-the-art inventory management programs that are easy to use and track the influx and outflow of your cannabis products 24/7. Whether you specialize in distributing edibles, vape cartridges, concentrates, tinctures, or flowers, leave all the planning and logistics to us.
  • Order Fulfillment – Part of what makes us a powerhouse in our industry is our exceptional order fulfillment services. Our comprehensive distribution center in Southern California has perfected the process to offer expedited order fulfillment while keeping shipping costs low. Orders leave our fulfillment center and are delivered by our carefully vetted drivers in a timely manner. Many times, we can accommodate next-day shipping for your cannabis products. You can trust our order fulfillment team with orders, both large and small, anywhere in the Golden State.


  • Warehouse Services – Do you need cannabis storage and warehousing services to ensure your inventory remains ready to sell? We offer short- and long-term storage solutions in a climate-controlled facility for your peace of mind. RUKLI Distribution takes full responsibility for your products, guaranteeing zero inventory shrinkage while in our NorCal cannabis warehouse. Everything is logged into our system and unloaded as it arrives, so products are ready for our warehouse team to pick, pack, and prepare them for distribution.

Locations/Cities Served by Our NorCal Distribution Center

Operating one of the largest facilities in the area, RUKLI Distribution offers a vast distribution network in Northern California. We extend our superior cannabis distribution services to many Bay Area locations, including:

  • Oakland
  • San Francisco
  • San Jose
  • Sacramento
  • Humboldt County
  • And More

Why Choose RUKLI Distribution for Cannabis Distribution?

Many of the cannabis industry’s top recreational and medicinal brands trust RUKLI Distribution for all their cannabis distribution needs across California. Because we’re not a cultivator or manufacturer, you won’t ever have to worry about us competing against your brand. Unlike some other distributors, we only do distribution, allowing us to perfect the process over the years. Our full-service NorCal fulfillment center can assist you every step of the way, from the moment products leave your farm to when they’re delivered to their ultimate retail destinations. Rely on our team to package, store, ship, and deliver all your cannabinoid-based products. We encourage you to browse testimonials from past clients to see what makes our services invaluable.

RUKLI California Cannabis Distribution

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