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Warehouse Management

When you trust RUKLI as your order fulfillment company, our Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows you to view and track your inventory every step of the way, from our receiving dock to the shelves, and out the door to be delivered.

fast & Accurate receiving

Large 32,000 sq. ft. Facility

Receiving, or inbound shipping, is the process of checking-in and unloading your items when they arrive. This is a crucial warehouse service. Fast, accurate receiving can mean the difference in having products in stock and ready to sell. Once your products have been logged into inventory and placed on the shelves, they are ready for the warehouse team to pick and pack them.

Because we have large-scale facilities – including our 32,000 square foot building in Southern California – we are able to provide inventory storage.

Cannabis warehouse services in California
California’s Leading Cannabis Supply Chain Company

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Distribution Throughout California

RUKLI sets the standard for order fulfillment centers. We guarantee zero shrinkage of your inventory, and we take full responsibility for your products.

When it comes to getting cannabis products to market efficiently, safely, cost-effectively and expeditiously – we deliver!

What our clients have to say:

“RUKLI has been a great partner for Northern Emeralds, Pina, and Little Planets. They are reliable, communicate very well, and have a ridiculously fast turnaround time. RUKLI handles everything from delivery to collection and they allow our sales reps to focus on what they are good at – sales. RUKLI’s level of professionalism and customer service make them the ideal distribution partner.”

Link to Northern Emeralds logoDan Seltzer, Vice President of Sales, Northern Emeralds

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