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Warehouse Management

When you trust RUKLI as your order fulfillment company, our Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows you to view and track your inventory every step of the way, from our receiving dock to the shelves, and out the door to be delivered.

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Large 32,000 sq. ft. Facility

Receiving, or inbound shipping, is the process of checking-in and unloading your items when they arrive. This is a crucial warehouse service. Fast, accurate receiving can mean the difference in having products in stock and ready to sell. Once your products have been logged into inventory and placed on the shelves, they are ready for the warehouse team to pick and pack them.

Because we have large-scale facilities – including our 32,000 square foot building in Southern California – we are able to provide inventory storage.

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Map of RUKLI distribution centers in California

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Distribution Throughout California

RUKLI sets the standard for order fulfillment centers. We guarantee zero shrinkage of your inventory, and we take full responsibility for your products.

When it comes to getting cannabis products to market efficiently, safely, cost-effectively and expeditiously – we deliver!

FAQs About Our California Cannabis Warehouse Services

Learn more about our cannabis warehouse services in California by browsing some of our frequently asked questions. If the answer to your specific question isn’t listed below, reach out to our team!

What Types of Storage & Warehousing Services Do You Offer?2023-10-27T04:11:23+00:00

Thanks to our large-scale warehouse facilities in Northern, Central, and Southern California, RUKLI Distribution offers our customers invaluable storage and warehouse services. We provide inventory storage to ensure your cannabis products are kept fresh until delivery. Our experts can alert you to your stock levels and predict when your cannabis inventory will be depleted so you can plan accordingly. Inventory management is but one of the comprehensive cannabis warehouse services we provide.

Products are carefully checked in and unloaded in our cannabis warehouses as soon as they arrive. This means they’re instantly inventoried, shelved, and ready to sell on your behalf. Our warehouse services include pick and pack and order fulfillment services to ensure your cannabis products reach the market as intended. Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows you to view and monitor your cannabis inventory at every step of the distribution journey, from our receiving dock to your door for delivery.

What Are the Benefits of Using Your Warehouse Services?2023-10-27T04:12:34+00:00

At RUKLI Distribution, we take full responsibility for your cannabis products in our warehouses, guaranteeing zero inventory shrinkage. We serve over 1,000 dispensaries across California, helping them get their cannabis products to market safely and efficiently. Whether your business specializes in flowers, concentrates, vape cartridges, edibles, prerolls, or tinctures, we can deliver all your cannabinoid-based products with exceptional customer service.

We’ve set the standard high for cannabis warehouses across the Golden State, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Read testimonials from a few of our past clients, many of whom are among the leading brands in the industry. You can count on us for comprehensive cannabis storage and warehousing services from a committed team that cares about maintaining the integrity of your product.

Can You Handle Both Short-Term & Long-Term Storage Needs?2023-10-27T04:13:26+00:00

Yes! RUKLI Distribution offers both short- and long-term storage solutions for your cannabis inventory. From the moment your product leaves your farm until it’s delivered safely to a dispensary, you can rest assured it’s in good hands. We can customize our warehouse services to suit your specific storage needs.

Is Your Warehouse Equipped with Climate-Controlled Storage?2023-10-27T04:14:19+00:00

Cannabis products must be stored in climate-controlled storage to ensure their quality and potency. Cannabis is sensitive to heat and humidity, drying out under extreme temperatures, losing its flavor and freshness, and sometimes even growing mold. However, cannabis must also be stored at temperatures above freezing. As such, our cannabis warehouses in California are equipped to maintain ideal storage temperatures. Our cannabis warehouses offer a cool, dark, dry place to store your inventory safely, discreetly, and efficiently. We’re confident our warehouses exceed those of other local distributors.

What Security Measures Do You Have to Protect Stored Goods?2023-10-27T04:15:18+00:00

Our large-scale warehouse facilities are secure to ensure your cannabis inventory remains safe and ready to sell. Thanks to our state-of-the-art climate control and security measures, we’ve set the industry standard for cannabis warehouses and order fulfillment centers. Since 2018, we’ve been one of California’s industry leaders, helping our customers get to market safely and expediently.

What Is the Cost of Your Cannabis Warehouse Services?2023-10-27T04:16:05+00:00

We keep our cannabis warehouse services as competitively priced as possible to satisfy our customers across California. Would you like to receive a customized quote from our experts? Contact us today to get started with a consultation. We’d be happy to tailor our warehouse services to your needs!

What our clients have to say:

“RUKLI has been a great partner for Northern Emeralds, Pina, and Little Planets. They are reliable, communicate very well, and have a ridiculously fast turnaround time. RUKLI handles everything from delivery to collection and they allow our sales reps to focus on what they are good at – sales. RUKLI’s level of professionalism and customer service make them the ideal distribution partner.”

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