Reviews of RUKLI Distribution in Los Angeles, CA

Testimonials From Our Past Clients

We offer all-around distribution services for producers of THC and CBD products, from inventory planning to shipping. We have become the go-to distribution service in the industry because we can help you with every part of the supply chain, from the moment the product leaves your farm until it is delivered safely to the retail location. Many of our past clients have found our services invaluable, and you can read about their experiences here. Read some of the reviews from past clients of RUKLI Distribution in Los Angeles, California.

Testimonials for Our Distribution Services

“RUKLI has been a great partner for Northern Emeralds, Pina, and Little Planets. They are reliable, communicate very well, and have a ridiculously fast turnaround time. RUKLI handles everything from delivery to collection, and they allow our sales reps to focus on what they are good at – sales. RUKLI’s level of professionalism and customer service make them the ideal distribution partner.”

Distribution Services Designed to Help Your Business Succeed

Our distribution services involve much more than just shipping, although that is one part of it. We offer a comprehensive service package that allows you to focus on growing, cooking, and creating exceptional products. We can handle all your distribution, inventory management, compliance testing, packaging, and delivery. All our services are available no matter what kind of cannabinoid-based product you produce, including edibles, flowers, vape cartridges, tinctures, concentrates, prerolls, and more. Some of our distribution services include:

  • Inventory Planning
  • Receiving
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Pick and Pack
  • Shipping
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Services
  • Storage
  • Last Mile Shipping
  • B2B Shipping

Shipping THC and CBD Products Across California

Based in Los Angeles, California, RUKLI distribution is a proud member of the local Southern California area. However, as a distribution service, we assist clients throughout the state. Whether you’re in Northern California, Central California, or right next door, we can help you plan and manage the entire distribution of your company’s cannabis products.

We Work With the Best of the Best

We’ve been trusted by some of California’s most well-known cultivators and growers. That’s because we develop valued partnerships with each and every client, ensuring that your business’s distribution services are catered specifically to your operation. Some of the THC and CBD brands that we work with include:

  • Tyson 2.0
  • Weed for Veterans (WFW)
  • Northern Emeralds Humboldt
  • Little Planets Cannabis
  • Piña
  • Sensi Chew
  • Josh D
  • Space Gem
  • Talking Trees
  • Loud Trees
  • Mission Brands
  • Kanha
  • CalyFx
  • Revenant
  • Rosette
  • Helmand Valley Growers Company (HVGC)
  • MyBlueDove™
  • Mission Nurseries
  • High 90’s
  • Runway Gardens
  • Hollowtips
  • Don Primo
  • Nano 5
  • Love Grass
  • Misty Mountain
  • The Pairist

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