The Importance of Managing Your Supply Chain

The cannabis industry is rapidly evolving, and those who stay on top of customer demand are the companies that will be successful. That’s why it’s so important to stay on top of your supply chain, making sure you have a steady and reliable stream of products at your disposal. A wholesale cannabis fulfillment service is an important extension of your operation, simplifying pick-and-pack services, delivery, and storage issues.

A Wholesale Fulfillment Service Uncomplicates the Process

What makes wholesale fulfillment services so important to the cannabis industry. Cultivators often have trouble finding appropriate, compliant storage for their crops, and manufacturers can face challenges getting their finished products to the dispensaries. Wholesale fulfillment services provide a valuable link in the supply chain, giving dispensary owners the ability to order wholesale while also offering manufacturers and cultivators the space to warehouse store their products and the ability to get them to retailers. By handling several aspects crucial to the industry, a wholesale fulfillment service streamlines the process, which brings about certain natural benefits.

  • It simplifies the management of inventory. As a retailer, reliable access to products is vital. With wholesale fulfillment services, you won’t need to be concerned about running out of products because you will have reliable access to bulk warehoused products. Rather than having to go directly to cultivators or manufacturers when you need to secure products, you can easily place an order from the warehouse. For cultivators, harvested crops can be kept off-site in a compliant facility. From this site, the product can be easily and efficiently distributed to retailers and manufacturers. The benefit for manufacturers is access to a reliable stream of raw materials to make their products and a wholesale fulfillment center that can take orders from dispensaries on their behalf.
  • Using a wholesale fulfillment service facilitates rapid transport and ordering processes. It is easy to order what you need in a few clicks when you have your products at a centralized location with a fulfillment service that offers online ordering. This greatly simplifies the process of ordering products, especially for dispensary owners who are used to taking several steps to order the products they need. Further, when you work with a large-scale wholesale fulfillment service, you can be assured that your order will be delivered rapidly once it has been placed.
  • It’s easier to manage compliance when you partner with a wholesale fulfillment service. The cannabis industry is heavily regulated, and, in each state, there are different rules and regulations to which cannabis producers and retailers must adhere. This can be complicated, and penalties for non-compliance can be stiff. When you work with a wholesale fulfillment service, however, you can be assured that the same seed to sale integrations will be used throughout the process so that the chain of custody procedures will be correctly followed. While there will still be facets of compliance that you, as a business owner, will have to handle, each part that the fulfillment center takes care of is a part that a retailer, cultivator, or manufacturer will not have to manage on their own. Working with a wholesale fulfillment service takes many of the worrisome parts of the business off of your plate and allows you to focus on what you do best, whether that is cultivating plants, manufacturing products, or selling products at your dispensary.

Partner with Experienced Professionals

In the cannabis business, reliable order fulfillment is crucial to smooth operation, and this means working with a reliable and professional wholesale fulfillment service. That’s why partnering with RUKLI makes sense. Since 2017, RUKLI has been licensed and operating as a cannabis distributor in California. Now that we’re experienced veterans, we have a vast distribution network that serves both Southern and Northern California, and we operate out of facilities in both regions. Our services extend beyond the warehouse dock, and our team of drivers delivers orders in a timely and safe manner, using a large, secure fleet of unmarked vans. We can put your stock on our shelves the day after it arrives in our warehouse, and we provide expedited order fulfillment while keeping your shipping costs down. What we do goes far beyond wholesale fulfillment services, though, and we see you through every step of the process. Coordinating product intake using a precise “Track & Trace” system, we manage inventory, make compliance testing arrangements, and take on picking and packing in time to ensure next-day deliveries. We handle invoicing and collection, as well as tax payments and filings. We service some of the top brands, but we do not have our brands or compete against our customers. To learn more about how RUKLI can provide supply chain management to meet your distribution needs, call (909) 494-1076, contact us through the website, or schedule an appointment.